Hello all - new e-biker here


Corona Del Mar
I just received my Aventon Aventure in camo green and I'm loving it! It's my first e-bike and it's a well built piece of machinery for the price. Are there items I'm going to change, of course! I already changed the pedals and seat (not shown in these pics). Next is the entire crank and gear. I'm hoping to get ideas on parts selection because I'm clueless when it comes to manufacturers. I also have ideas on modifying the front end to accommodate a speaker, another headlamp and a charging port for my iPhone. I'll be adding the front rack soon. You've seen it before, but here's mine ;)


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There's always something to be said for "there are many like it, but this one is mine!" :D

Take a look at what I've done with mine so far, there's so many options. Thankfully the Aventure (for all the customer service problems) takes relatively standard parts. Normal 135mm front forks, normal fat tires, normal everyday square taper cranks, normal seat posts making adding a dropper or suspension post easy-peasy. (I went with the latter). That thread and this earlier one both have some parts lists.

Be interested to see what you come up with.
Thanks for the welcome! I've checked out your bike before I joined, Jason, you've done some recent mods that look nice.
I think I'm going to switch gears on what to change out first. It's going to be the neck and handlebars. Because this ebike is for pleasure only, it's all about quality bling products for me, and that includes carbon fiber! Stay tuned!
It always fun to mod out a bike!