Has anyone tried an Green Bike GB-1 USA ebike


I am having a very hard time finding much info on Green Bike USA reviews. Because of limited budget I am considering the Green Bike GB-1 for my wife. My main concern is with there 3 levels of pedal assist. with only 3 level of PAS I am afraid that level one might be to fast for my wife and the ramp up from one level to the other might be to dramatic.
Does anyone know if that 3 level PAS have internal settings to let you customize each of those 3 levels?
Anyone here have any experience with Green Bike USA GB-1 or GB-3
I have not tried this bike. But, even on a budget, this seems very risky, unless you can find one to try out first.

Their return policy says the bike must be unused. So you can't order it, try it out, and return if you don't like it.

Do you have any shops that can work on ebikes near you? A pre-owned bike may get you a budget friendly bike that you can try out first.
I just don't know about low cost foldable bikes. I wouldn't worry about PAS 1 being too fast as much as whether the bike with its 20" wheels and high seat and bars is stable at 12 mph. How good is the hinge? Will it wiggle at 18 mph? Ha ha. My wife wouldn't even get on that thing.

I did look at the amazon reviews. Owners seem to like them. I also thought I saw a 770 LED display for the PAS. in the photos. Might be old, I've bought several low cost controllers, and they are not programmable and use 810 LED displays, which are probably the replacement for the 770.. Chances of PAS programmability seem low to me.
I ended up purchasing a Green Bike GB-5 foldable 20" bike for my wife.......great review by many reviewers, 350 watts-36 volts and a 13AH samsung battery, front and rear suspension, cool color selections, 9 levels of PAS, throttle only mode, throttle override mode with PAS engaged and regular bike mode, rear rack , fenders and solid body for a really good price.
I also ordered a Volt Mariner 500 watt limited edition 20" fat tire bike for myself. Damn , my Mariner doesn't have throttle only mode or shocks and the engine shuts off at 20 miles per hour. Now I am questioning my choice, my wife has throttle only mode on her bike doesn't do the engine shut off thing. Arghh ,Mariner hasn't shipped yet , what should I do? My volt Mariner is 48 volts-500 watts-10.4 Ah so looks like I have more power than her but the auto engine shut off thing sucks. My bike has fat 4" tires but my wife has 2.125 wide tires so both could go off road. Whatcha thinky,I still have time to reverse the order if I wanted. I might be having a bit of buyers remorse but I could also love the Mariner when it eventually shows up. Will be using the bikes for both urban and light trail use and hard packed beach sand riding.
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Maybe I should be looking at more of the advantages/disadvantage of a foldable 20' fat tire (4" wide) bike with a bit more power compared to a regular folding 20" (2.125 " wide) slightly lower power Ebike.
@Roflo, you're going to need more power to compensate for those wide tires and it's a bit more expensive to fit a set of super wide Tuffies in those 4" wide tires than the 2.125" in your wife's bike. Getting a flat in the woods somewhere far from home could be a bit of a drag, so I do suggest you think about flat prevention. With that said, those super wide tires will feel very cushy and if you do rides on sandy areas, drop the tire pressure for better handling.