Has anyone added a 2nd battery to their Elux to extend range?


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I have an elux newport. I have been seriously thinking of adding a 2nd 48 volt, 10 or higher amp hour battery on the water bottle bracket area. I would switch between the 2 batteries.
I purchased a new battery for my E-lux Newport Classic at FTH Power in Walnut, Ca.. They make and refurbish all types of batteries. They have been in business for years and have a very large factory in Walnut. Anyway, I figured out how to add a second battery to my ebike. i purchased a front rack which I will mount my tired original battery from 4 years ago. I will run 12 gauge wires from it to my DPDT switch I purchased on Amazon. I will mount my new battery in the back rack and run 4 wires to the switch. The switch will allow me to toggle from one battery to the other on the fly. I purchased a switch that has an off location in the middle so that I can charge both batteries at the same time and not be wired in to the bike's electronics. I also will add an inline 30 amp fuse on the positive of each line from the switch. I will get the new rack on Friday. I will update my thread with pictures once everything is in place. Wish me luck.