Has any Evelo Omega owner seen this icon on their display screen ????


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Hi. Took a night ride last night on my Evelo Omega. Saw this icon flashing on the top of my display. Almost looked like a USB drive, but I know that the Omega has no USB port. Has anyone else seen this? I sent a photo to Evelo customer support but they responded with 'no idea what that is'. Anyone ??


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I heard back from Evelo customer service on this. Here's the answer -

I heard back from the factory on this last night. While our displays do not include a USB port (the output is so low that we decided not to include it--it just ends up adding frustration for customers), the display has the functionality to turn the USB on and off, in case it is equipped with a USB port.

Hitting the "set" and "+" buttons simultaneously will toggle this one and off. I'm guessing that you likely hit this sequence inadvertently, but if this comes up randomly in the future without hitting any buttons, please let us know.

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I get the frustration part. The USB port on my display puts out only 0.5A. Turns out, that's not enough to charge my Samsung Note20 phone — or even to keep up with the drain when it's running RideWithGPS in lowest-power display mode.

But 0.5A is enough to charge my 2,000 lumen headlight, so the display USB port's not a complete waste.

The ebike's documentation notes the existence of this port but nothing about its limitations. Guessing few actually read this material, on paper or online. But those who do might get less frustrated with some examples of what the port can and can't do.

My battery has its own 1.2A USB port — just enough to charge the phone slowly while RideWithGPS is running. Need a 3 ft USB cable to take advantage of this underway but better than nothing. No documentation about that port's capabilities, either.
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We've also had a number of people fry an assortment of different electronics by improper use of these ports. In time, we hope to see better standardization of these features across brands and manufacturers. Upcoming UL listing requirements should have a positive trickle down effect on minor issues like these.