Handlebar End Caps--[edit] I got it sorted

I got these from Amazon. Not perfect but very good:
22mm (7/8") Contrappesi per manubrio, Set Moto Manubrio Blocco Manopole Tappo Alluminio universali Tappi Manubrio Mtb Bici,Verde (Nuovo )
BXMOTO (Spedito da Amazon)
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I'm not sure if this will work for you but I used these industrial grade expandable condenser tube plugs on the bars of one of my bikes:

Here's a link to the manufacturer:

They're expensive and way overkill for a bar end but I like the industrial look. I had a few left over from another project and found the 1" size worked well. I got them on eBay but the seller isn't listing now.

Another possible source: