Had the opportunity to have a brief chat with Ride1up CEO Daniel Urbino at Electrify Expo

I'm sad I didn't know about this event as it's close enough to me.

Could have checked out ebikes and EVs... my 2 favorite things. :)
It was fun...We went to the event they had in Irvine a couple of years ago and the one over the weekend was much better planned...there were about 25-30 ebike brands and most of the EV car makers. I'd recommend it for next year.
The current based cadence sensor was a nice thing I liked about the 700 Series. I really liked the fact that you can change the current output for each assist level. I love when companies give you flexibility like this, to alter different aspects of a device. This was before I even knew I could change the controller and display to a KT set up. Needed just a bit more torque to assist on the hills in my area. I just kind of wish I had waited to buy the bike as 6 months after I bought the bike, there was a new battery size that uses 21700 cells, instead of 18650s. Still a great bike.
Have a lot of respect for the bikes that Ride1UP have come out with, and they just keep innovating. Except for some one-off (?) bad stories, their customer service has generally been good too.

I do like the cadence sensor implementation of my Roadster, even after 8000 miles. In my case, I did do the aftermarket EggRider display, for full customizing of each PAS level, assist speed cutoffs, etc. And the relatively light weight compared to other e-bikes, is definitely what I’ve found to be my preference.

Now I just want them to come out with a full carbon, even lighter bike :)