Grinding noise-motor?


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Macomb, Illinois
I had a new cassette and chain installed last Friday and now have a noise coming from what I think is the front motor, crank area. It’s a Trek Verve +3 with a Bosch Active Line motor. It has 5100 miles on it. It seems to do it in the lower numbered gears, say 1 through 6 but does it in all gears. It does it more often when putting a lot of pressure on the pedals. It also does it turned off by it takes maximum effort from me to make it happen. The best way to explain the noise is it sounds like it sounds like it’s not shifted into a gear correctly, kind of a rattling sound. I don’t think it’s a shifting issue though but I’m not sure.

Any ideas?
It turned out this was probably the chain ring in front. He put new pedals on also as they were worn. They didn’t charge me anything either. He felt bad I had to haul tge bike back again when I just had it there last Friday. He put parts on that were take offs. It’s nice to have a bike shop that takes care of you and know what they are doing.