Greetings from Franktown, Colorado

Tim Young

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Hello Court and forum members,

I first experienced ebikes on my brothers boat. He had a couple Mariner 7 foldable ebikes. One of my favorite vacation memories is riding his ebike around the bike path on Mackinac Island. My wife and I had been thinking about getting a couple ebikes last summer for the campgrounds and easy bike trails here in Colorado and of course, my online search led me to this great web site that Court started up. Thank you Court! I ended up with a "Rattan Fat Bear" I got on the pre-order in Sept 2019. Got the bike and finally had time to unbox it. Now I'm looking for help with setting parameters etc. so here I am, a great place to get some help with others. If my wife likes it I'll get another one or we will search for a different one for her. Thanks everyone. -Tim young
Welcome to the site.
I hope your vendor got the parameters correct. My display has a group of totally unscrutible numbers. I'd have to change one at time to even know what they are.