Giant Fastroad Ex Pro rear wheel replacement


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I have the latest Fastroad Ex Pro purchased in late 2022. I have roughly 1300 miles on it, and have broken 3 spokes, and had the rear wheel rebuilt with 13 gauge spokes, and now the wheel has a large crack along the seam (discovered by the LBS). So, I also own a Trek 8s (2500 miles) and a Vado 4 (2000 miles), and both of these bikes also run 650b wheels along with Super Moto X tires. Neither the Trek nor the Specialized have ever broken a spoke, nor needed the rear wheels aligned and made true. Both of these bikes are built solid. The LBS where I purchased the Giant, seem to think that I am riding off of curbs or doing jumps in the woods, but that is NOT the case with this 60 year old All of my bikes are ridden the same way; paved trails and streets ONLY. So it is obvious there is an issue with the Giant wheel (EX-2), so I am looking for some suggestions from the group here. In the past, I have had great luck with Stans No Tubes, but will consider others. Thanks.
There is definitely an issue with spokes. My Fastroad E+ 2 Pro had GX28 wheels and I must have broken at least half a dozen in the back wheel (none in the front). I was lucky enough to score some Giant PX-2 wheels (from a Giant Revolt) on Marketplace and they seem more substantial, so far. I was planning to rebuild the GX28 rear with thicker spokes at some point, even if only as a back up, but your story of a crack is not good news there. I would keep an eye out for some good gravel wheels if I were you.
well the mistake was using 13gauge spokes. they are way too beefy they cant be tensioned properly. if you got something like sapim double or triple butted spokes you would have been fine. get a dt swiss rim and double double or triple butted spokes and the wheel will last well. the myth on bikes that thicker spokes make stronger whees is a bad one the aluminum rims cant take the tension needed to make the spokes tight enough.
What's the hub spacing on that wheel? Is it 148 mm or 142 mm? I'm guessing 148 mm, but the Giant website doesn't say.

If it were me I'd try to get them to replace the wheel but it sounds like a design flaw and I'd just get an aftermarket wheel. Lots of MTB Enduro wheels are 148 mm spacing, though most are 29", so you'll have to find a 27.5". But those wheels are built to take a lot of abuse. I'm sure you'd be fine with one of those.
My gx rim cracked and a broken spoke replaced with swiss rim tubless 45mm perrelli gravel H on the back and same but 40mm on the front what a difference smooth ride lots of grip all my riding is done on the road


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Oh it's a fastroad e plus2 2020 came with gx rims and 32mm tyres very harsh ride


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