Gi bike: the first full-size, folding, e-bike!


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Hi there guys!

I'm new here :)

My name is Celeste from Argentina! I'm 24 years old, and I wanted to share with all of you, bike lovers like me, a project of some friends of mine, it's really cool:

It's called The Gi Bike (, it's a full-size, folding, electric bike, with tons of cool features! The best one, at least for me, is that it can be folded in less than 3 seconds. It runs 40 miles on battery, and has a smartphone integration and a anti-theft safety lock.

I found out that, almost 60% of bike accidents are side-crashes, and to avoid that (or at least prevent it), the Gi has this special front-wheel smart lights on the sides that turn on at night :D

Here's a picture with all the features:


We're planing on launching a Kickstarter around this spring (I mean... well, *your* spring haha).

Anyways, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Gi! What do you guys think about it? Any kind of feedback will be much appreciated! Share your thoughts with us :)

Thank you all!
Great day!
Nice concept. 37lbs - wow. Good weight savings too. USB port. Nice. Belt drive. Nice :) Looks great.
I agree with Brambor, this thing looks amazing... almost too good to be true? The design is so sleek and elegant, what is the maximum allowable weight? Have you made prototypes to test it out? The crank is very unique with that hollow design and the seat almost looks like a suspension design.

I love the idea of the side lights for safety and the way the frame is balanced with weight low to the ground and spread out over the frame is very nice. Keep us updated Celeste! Where are you guys planning to build this thing? Will it be sold worldwide?