Genesis R 2015


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Got the bike put together with minor difficulties , a lot of help from the neighbor mechanic!
Its not perfect tho - i need to figure out how to raise the handlebars higher , im leaning forward more than i like.
The battery a lot of times doesn't line up with the deadbolt lock. Annoying! didnt get an owners manual ---they will mail it when it becomes available.

Received the bike Thursday evening , Prodecotech called me Friday morning to see if everything was ok with my bike! Wow i was shocked they called. No i don't work for them! I'm just an average joe in Minnesota. Their customer service has been A++ since i've dealt with them on the phone. The bike was supposed to come with rockshox 28 but mine has the 32's!

Bike path bridge over the lake channel - IMG_20150522_145720554.jpg IMG_20150522_111403559.jpg
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Love the bike!!

Please lock down that seat-post:eek:

The handlebar height you have as setup is as high as it will go. You will need to change/add some parts. I could tell you what you need to do, but that wouldn't help, I don't know what you want to do. No one can tell you how you will like your bike, but you. You need to learn about your threadless headset & stem and how to setup the bike properly. It's important for you to know you have a threadless headset, not a threaded headset. That is all important for you to know, to purchase the proper parts to allow you to be fitted to the bike.

Sheldon Brown's (expert) pages on headsets and adjustment:
I guess Prodeco is finally shipping the bikes with the new design for the battery. That's very impressive. I have a PT X3 and it's a great bike, but the old style battery leaves way too much weight in back. Looks like a great bike.
Ok as you requested - trout lake.jpg trout lake2.jpg trout lake 3.jpg .....found an agate on the beach


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bike dam.jpg bike rack.jpg stem riser.jpg I added a 4 inch stem riser , Ibera top tube bag and a rear rack with basket - its officially my grocery go getter now! Both hydraulic lines had to be redone , what a pain!
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