gear ratio on 20" wheels is rough, how to go about upgrading


The sinch.2 is a 20" wheel bike with a 52t chainring and a 12-32 8 speed cartridge. This gearing ratio alone offers a lot of speed on a normal bike but the smaller tires of a folding bike really take the top speed down a couple notches. I find it very hard to get to 20mph let alone exceed it without excessive peddling. I am thinking a 62t or 64t chainring is the answer? And there are unfathomable options on amazon of all different prices, any brand recommendations?
Check the clearance on the chainring before you go to a larger size. When I changed my Schwinn Loop from a 44T ring to a 52T ring, it barely cleared the hinge on the frame. On some bikes, the same clearance issue will appear on the back end of the ring. Also check that it will not hit the chainstay member in the rear.

If your Sinch2 uses a square taper bottom bracket, most inexpensive bikes and ebikes do, than look for another of the same type. This is the type that comes with an attached pedal arm, plus one on the other end, Bucklos makes a few.

If the motor uses a freewheel, and again most inexpensive ebikes do, then the DNP Driftmaster 11-34 freewheel will give you a 12/11 or 10% increase in top speed based on pedaling,

I've done both changes on folding bikes. You'll need a freewheel puller to do the freewheel, and a pedal arm puller for the chain ring,
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