From Outer Space Comes The Marrs Ebikes


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Not really the kind of ebikes we talk about here most of the time, but these "ebikes" are out of sight! Pretty amazing bike at an amazing starting price of $3500. For 48 volt, 1000 watt motor and 20 amp hour battery with optional 40 and 60 amp hour batteries available.

Court Rye's full review of the Marrs Cycles M2:

This 30 mph bike really bridges the gap between e-bike and e-motorcycle. I, being a life-long motorcycle rider and a 25 year rider of Harley Dressers, I appreciate some of the motorcycle bits like foot-boards (@Court you gotta get that terminology right;)), saddle and the handlebars. It's going to take me a little while getting use to the aesthetics of these bikes, but at first blush, I kind of like it.
Not really the kind of ebikes we talk about here

I don't see the bike in it at all. I see it has pedals but the placement relative to the riders waist make it impossible to pedal without severe strain on the knees. Why would anyone want to pedal it anyway? I suppose if someone doesn't want to buy an electric motorcycle it's the next best option???

Court J.
I don't see
Just a little bit of fun. In the 70's I road a real serious track cafe racer, worst experience on a MC I ever had. I enjoy reading about them though. Raising the seat-post on this bike might allow for some pedaling, even then I'm not buying one. All you guys building these ebikes also do a lot to educate and inform us too! We aren't many yet, but we sure are varied.
Fun design! I especially enjoy the louvers intended to keep the controller nice and cool while riding around. Motorcycles and bikes <3 ... ;)

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I just got scammed by these guys . They are very deceitful and take advantage of there customers. Very disheartening .Alledgedly they are taking fito modena gx2 beach cruisers making a couple quick alterations slapping on bad china components and ripping off craigslist buyers , saying no returns hours after leaving shop. Im researching ca. Lemon laws and did you know they apply to ebikes as well...