Forum's been pretty quiet lately...

Damn, I haven't been riding! I had two surgeries a bit over two weeks ago. One was a skin cancer removal on my head on Monday, 5/9 and then on Thur. 5/12 I had thumb surgery for "trigger thumb". I hope to get cleared by both doctors this week to start riding again. Since I was travelling the week of 5/2, I have now missed three whole weeks of riding! And the weather here in New England has been pretty good too!
@Douglas Ruby glad you got the medical stuff taken care of! Hope you're back onboard that bike soon. One suggestion, when it's cold or rainy (rain has featured BIG in Central Texas weather lately :rolleyes:) have a backup indoor trainer to set your bike on and ride or an exercise bike with variable resistance. It's not as entertaining as the outdoors; however, it helps to maintain conditioning. For me, it keeps me from getting too antsy when I can't get out and do some miles in the sunshine. Some music with a good beat or tv news, something to keep you engaged for 10, 20 or 30 minutes goes a long way to keep the cardio and endorphins going!
Yeah. I do have a trainer and used my old racing bike on it this winter when I couldn't ride outdoors. The issue has been that I haven't been able to get on a bike much at all due to protecting the hand. (I need to get the stitches out first before I can put pressure on my palm).