forme bike help request


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United Kingdom
I am replacing my basic electric bike (Basis Hunter) that I bought in lockdown, I've only ever had this type of electric MTB. I am in the cycle to work scheme and I cycle to work and back everyday, hence why I chose an electric MTB. I am torn between Forme Alport E 27.5 Mountain Bike and the Forme Alport Urban. The roads are really bad for potholes and I need a bike that can cope with the bad roads and has decent suspension, great brakes, is agile and robust because it will be used everyday in all weathers. I cycled home in the wind/rain and snow the other day, it was scary. Both bikes are the same price so that doesn't really matter. I have to choose my bike through, if anyone can recommend a good electric bike for the purpose of going to and from work then I would be grateful as I can't really see much difference between the two. My main concern is would the urban version be good enough on the bad roads and would the mountain bike version be to clunky. Many Thanks