Focus Paralane2 2019 with Fazua evation motor


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Just wanted to share my first experiences with Fazua comparing it to Bosch motors I have been comuting wiht for more than 3000 miles (Performance, Performace CX) with different e-bike computers (Intuvia, Nyon,

I always wanted to try road bikes, specially carbon fibre frame and when one of the shops had closed due to covid-19 Lockdown selling off their test bikes I purchased on sale Focus Paralane2 9.5 made in Germany with just 1mile on it & 1 battery charge cycle.
Initially I was worried about wheels (I am 235lbs) - but dt swiss 521 have their weight limit slightly higher than that, so should be ok.

Most of my e-bikes weigh 40+ lbs, so 31.5lbs of Paralane2 feels exetremely lightweight, even more with battery/motor unit removed.

Focus puts on their thru-axel bikes their own patented R.A.T. rapid axle and these are quite problematic - they hard to adjust and sometimes hard to remove. First couple of rides it was ok (I was removing front wheel to store bike in a car), but as soon as dirt got into Quick-release lever it started to acting up - not closing tightly, hard to remove, hard to adjust closing force etc.

Initial experience with 1.0 version of Firmware was very positive, except for even small uphils, even on 3rd support level (pink/rocket) pedaling was not as easy as with Bosch Performance CX. Also seems when one pedals below 50rpm motor goes on-off constantly making rider feel somewhat jerky because of ondulating support power.
Since then I updated both Motor Firmware to 2.0 BlackPepper & Support profile config to max performance, but have not collected enough milage to confirm the issue is fixed. Alledgedly Black pepper fw release fixes both limited power output and issue with motor support not kicking in fast enough during low cadence pedaling uphill.

Another small issue with the bike was its relative aggressive low handlebars/stem (fixed that with flipping stem upwards). Frame size also seems to be on the smaller side, e.g. I am 6'9" and on mtb always ride 51cm/m frame. With Focus 54 is feels a little short (had to adjust saddle further back).

Other subjective complaint is about quite noisy rear hub & bottom bracket ratchet, but that just question of personal preference. I like quieter rides. Rear hub ratchet is always herad while coasting, while BB one only when speed is above 25kph/15mph (mine is EU version, not US). On the other hand pedestrians jaywalking always got warned of this bike approach :)

Fazua remore in its first reincarnation is quite limited and not very well fit for road handlebars - I would prefer something on tips of dropbars or closer to break handles. To know your speed one is forced to use either 3p GPS computer or moutn smartphone to handlebars/frame - which again is frustrating for such expensive ebike.

Fazua Rider app looks promising, but now on its 2nd version, does not support riding screen customization (I prefer big digits on odometer) nor auto-start/pause of ride data capture. Rider has manually select "start of the ride" and then manually end it to save it/export to Strava. Also if battery dies or smartphone reboots during the ride - you stats are lost. App in its current version does not support HRM/calories calc or navigation also it won't autosync your activities as Fazua in contrast to Bosch's Nyon does not provide web-version of the app with stats/map/ride planing features. This could be addressed now with Wahoo (see Connectivity update).

Reading Fazua's Worldwide Facebook group I see many owners complained about following hw issues:

- Bottom bracket was poorly fixed to the frame in 2019 (possibly cross-threaded or overtighted m6 bolts) and has to be checked before ride;
- locking mechanism got broken on 2019/2020 models and is now being replaced by Fazua (mine seems like had cracks just after 16miles of riding :-(, but so far battery holds in place and I have no issues removing it for charging;
- Latest June 2020 Connection kit update allows connection of 3p cycling computers like Wahoo, Garmin, Sigma through Bluetooth BLE (4.x), but that breaks at the same time connection to smartphone through BT. And while it is exciting news and was totally unexpected, it still requires $250 extra for the device even if you just want to see only your current/average speed/cadence or odometer. ANT+ would be much better
- failing sensor inside Bottom Braket- e.g. one side of pedal revolutuon sensor. This could be seen as Bottom Bracket failure in Diagnostic Section of Fazua Toolbox Software.

Also I fitted my Focus Paralane2 with 3pv SKS Commuter 35mm fenders since mine did not have focus' branded Curana alu fenders. SKS fenders fit great, have long mudflaps and match shiny black lacker of the Paralane black/silver fame.

Overall despite all the minor issues I am very happy with the bike and how it feels & rides - I now excercise more because of how that Fazua motor/support is designed :). And best of all - there is no noticable resistance "wall" to pedaling which was kind of unpleasant on Bosch CX after your reach beyond 25kmh speed.

Also I am plannig to add permanent front/rear lights despite Focus said it is not supported. Fazua web support advised tha there is unused connector on bottom bracket that could feed 12v DC/18W ligths. Cable to connect is sold by Supernova and Light supported are Supernova v1260 w. switch/ 9v TailLighgt.


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Took delivery of a 9.8 a couple of weeks back. Bike is exactly as people have said - this is not a traditional e-bike that will provide ridiculous levels of assistance that stops you having to put effort in. The cut out at 15 mph (UK) is seamless but the extra bulk of the bike over my 10kg road bike can be felt.

RAT axle is a s**t idea and was a real pain on the front but ok now. Mudguards lasted 4 rides before I removed them. They don't travel well in the car / truck and bend as soon as you look at them.

This bike does not suddenly make you a Tour de France contender. It does indeed help on the hills that kill you if you are not a seasoned hard core rider.

In short would I pay list for it ? No. For what I did pay for it in Tri-UK's fire sale - couldn't be happier.....
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Congrats with the new bike
few tips:
0) grease both axles
1) tighten 4 bolts that hold bottom bracket in place (some even suggest adding blue locktite there)
2) tighten chainring bolts- same story with loctite
3) put some rubber cushioning behind "legs" that reatin top edge of the battery/motor module - they crack easily and always make sure to push battery from the bottom before pressing lock-release button
4) put some grease on locker mechanism
5) be carefull with screw that holds remote on handlebars - it strips plastic threads easily
Quick update Focus Paralane2:

- Gravel tires Panaraces Gravelking SK+ 700x35c fit ok, but not with mudguards/fenders - so if one wants both - opt for 700x30c or 32c instead.
- Italian SpeedFun chip works ok (derestricts from 25kph) but has unexpected side effect - wahoo elemnt cycling computer keep switching off because of low speed (???) - since chip halves number of wheel revolution speed reported to computer is halved too and seems there is no way to switch to GPS speed measurement in Wahoo.
- if one connect front/rear light - 1)chose 12v models only with switch off feature, otherwise lights will be "always on" when connected directly to third unused connector on bottom bracket.