First full service on my Domane HP Questions


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I am at about 2000 miles on my Domane HP. I will be gone for over a week and thought it would be an ideal time to get it serviced. I am going to replace the tires as the rear is starting to look pretty warn. Obviously things like the chain and brakes pads is there anything else I should specify to them to check? Are there any updates from Bosch that they need to do? My front Iso speed seems to be getting noisy. The bike has really been trouble free. Thanks
If they disassemble the front isospeed it also involves messing with a ton of cables which could make it more expensive. But I'd say checking torque on the motor bolts, isospeed bolts (doesn't involve any major disassembly, just popping off covers), and crank bolts is a good idea. They can check the RIB docking system too but if it's been trouble free I would say they shouldn't touch it unless they thing something is coming loose.

And yes there are probably some software updates for sure. They will be able to provide you a printout of your Bosch system history/status.
I forgot to post after I got my Domane back a few weeks ago after a full service. I have over 2000 miles on it and it needed a rear tire so replaced both tires. The front iso speed was loose causing almost all my noise up front and that is now gone after adjusting it. I did not need a chain and actually didn't need brake pads which kind of surprised me. Anyhow the bike is back and that was only the second time I brought it in for anything. These bikes are amazing.