First Bike Ride IZIP E3 Vibe + Nice Bike!!

Bill R

Purchased IZIP E3 Vibe + from Crazy Lenny’s E-bikes at a nice price for my daughter a right leg amputee added some stabilizer wheels as she was a having hard time getting comfortable enough to ride on just 2 wheels. The bike has plenty of motor torque to climb fairly steep hills without peddling and seams efficient with the battery as she is not peddling yet we will have to add clip-less pedals after she is comfortable. She mostly stays in low gear so it only goes about 11 mph she will have to learn to shift if she wants go faster. The bike is very nice looking a nice red and motor blends into the frame better than I thought it would. Hopefully she will one day loose the stabilizer wheels and I can build a bike trailer someday

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wonderful, i'm glad you had great buying experience and that the bike is working for you guys!!!
Awesome, looked like she was having a blast! Don't worry about how quickly she may or may not feel comfortable pedaling or losing the trainers...she'll let you know when the time is right (if ever!). That is the wonderful thing about these bikes! Perfect use for the throttle.

Is she able to use the stump to "cling" to the saddle? If she can press it against....something...that will help lock her in. Sort of how I use a knee against the upper bar while coasting....
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