FireFly - Attachable electric hand cycle for disabled and handicapped in wheelchairs


I found this on a random google search and thought the idea was amazing. Electric bike technology at its finest. Comes in 2 versions..
The F (= Fast) version of the Firefly has a max speed of 18km/h or 12 km/h.
The S (= Slow) version has a max speed of 15km/h or 8 km/h and a tuning screw to determine the max. speed of your own choice.


Here's a better video of how the handbike attaches to any wheelchair.
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How nifty! Great idea! I want the high speed pedelec version with disk brakes when I get really old. LOL

Thanks for sharing this @DDuB420! I think I saw the same video a while back and thought it was really amazing! Appears to be a European company? If I was in a wheelchair this would be so exciting because it's way easier than transferring from a chair to a second electric bike vehicle like a trike or something. I'm no expert but I bet wheelchairs are designed to be super sturdy and being able to just attach it to an electric bike makes so much sense...

adjustability-firefly-ebike.jpg attachment-points-firefly.jpg control-panel-twist-throttle-on-firefly.jpg electric-bike-for-wheelchair.jpg firefly-electric-attachable-handcycle.jpg motor-and-brakes-on-firefly.jpg

I used to date a young lady who spent half of her time in a wheelchair due to nerve damage. We would go for walks and she would use her chair but we never went cycling. I could imagine being closer to her vertical level if I was on my bike and if she had this electric drive attachment we could ride together! Very cool... I was suprised to find the product on Amazon so if you're in the states this might be the best place to get it: Firefly Electric Attachable Handcycle for Wheelchair.

I noticed that front wheel appears to be 20" but the specs say 12"? It uses two sets of v-brakes (rim brakes) one in front and one in back of the fork to stop the chair... never seen that before. I wonder how well it does stop? I guess since it has a top speed of ~10 mph vs. standard ebikes that can reach ~20 that's less of a concern. It also appears to go backwards which is one of the big features that kits like this promote (and that less mobile people appreciate for parking the system etc.). Other stats I found interesting on the Firefly:
  • Top speed: 10 miles/hour (16.1 km/hour)
  • Range: 15 miles (24.1 kilometers)
  • Quick-release ball and socket "quickdock"
  • Fits most adult and pediatric manual wheelchairs
  • Adjustable handle bar height
  • 220 watt geared hub motor in front wheel
  • 24 volt 10 amp hour Lithium polymer battery
  • Offers reverse as well as forward
  • Dual Promax brakes, LED headlight, twist throttle
  • LCD display with speed and distance
  • Includes a bell and safety flag, optional basket on front
  • Weight: 33 pounds (15 kilograms)
  • Tire size: 12"(47-203)
The most interesting thing to me about the FireFly electric wheelchair puller is that it is offered in a "European" version that actually goes faster than the US version! It offers 16mph (25kph) which is the exact opposite of most electric bikes. Usually Europe is the slow poke...