Few ebikemotion x35 items for sale


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I have few ebikemotion x35 items for sale, they should fit any x35 equipped bikes like Willier, Orbea, Bianchi, Pinarello, etc.

1. iwoc trio remote with ANT+ connectivity. This enables 2019/2020 models without ANT+ to be connected to Garmin and other computers with ANT+ support and also gives you control on the handlebars link - 35$
2. x35 light cables. This allows you to connect front and rear lights to main battery link -25$
3. Nip 800 e-bike front light compatible with X35 system voltage link - 45$

This was installed on my Pinarello Dyodo, but I've ordered 2021 Orbea Gain and this is all integrated there, so I don't need then anymore. Located in USA.


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