Falco sudden death mode


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Been happily using my Falco system for about a year now. I have a thumb throttle and torque sensor.

The other night I went to hop on and the moment the motor engaged it took off like a bolt with no stopping it except to kill the battery. Kept doing that. It was dangerously unridable, so I had to old-school pedal it home.

Fixed the issue by pairing it with the Falco interface and resetting its memory to the defaults.

Only ever time it has done this is in the past when I was first toying with the torque settings and made it too sensitive... but that was clearly after I had made a setting change. I've been riding it almost a year now with no setting changes and it just started happening out of nowhere.

Just curious if anyone else has experienced something similar?
I have not any super-surprise takeoffs like that. Scary. Glad you recovered. I have seen Falco stay "on" after tweaking parameters, especially base activation current (don't go too high)
Yes, just the other day. But I had put the display on too close to the trigger throttle and it was keeping it on slightly. :)
Ah, had a similar instance the other day - picked up some scrap wood strips and was pushing the bike home with the wood resting across the handlebar. The wood shifted and hit the throttle and the bike + wood took off like a mad horse.

Now I know first-hand why e-bikes have the "you must be pedaling a minimum speed of x before motor will engage" saftey feature.

(That aside, I'm pretty sure the above described issue was not mechanically related to the throttle. : )