Evo Jumper 27,5 battery charger connector


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I have been looking around in the forum but could not find any solution to my problem. I own a EM Evo Jumper 27,5. A couple days ago I manage to damage the charging plug for the battery charger and broke two of the 3 pins inside the connector. Instead of buying a new charger I thought it would be better change the plug.
Does anyone know the name of the connector and where I could get one?

Many thanks!
Nope. It's a proprietary plug and nobody knows the name, even though the charger is a generic Chinese product easily available on Alibaba in a dozen plug variations, the Easy Motion plug is not among them. The plug even has a sort of seahorse logo on it, but I couldn't find out who it represents.

edit: The plug is an industry standard type 2CT3016-W03402, https://www.singatron.com.tw/en/2-8...-Cable-Connector-2CT3016-W03402-id184648.html

and the "seahorse" is the Singatron logo. https://www.singatron.com.tw/en

Thanks to Bruvvertr2 below for telling us the manufacturer.
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Thanks man! Been looking for that name for eight years (seriously!). Now that you said the maker's name, it took me about two seconds to find the Singatron 3-pin connector on my BH Evo available to buy! https://www.topbikekit.com/1pcs-sin...-length-12m165m-current-rating-10a-p-674.html

Seems to be this connector: https://www.singatron.com.tw/en/2-801-30010/product/Circular-Standard-Molded-with-Cable-Connector-2CT3016-W03402-id184648.html
Also available from other manufacturer Multicomp PRO: 2CT3016-W03402 https://www.newark.com/multicomp/2c...-cord-3pos-plug/dp/27T3157?ost=2ct3016-w03402

My original BH 36V charger just recently died when it started clicking on/off at random, and I had to buy an official 160eur (with shipping) BH replacement, but I cut off the Singatron 3-pin plug from the dead charger and soldered it onto a generic 50eur 36V e-bike charger and it works great as a second charger. Now that I know the plug, I might just order one and make a third charger from a second cheap charger and never have to carry a charger again.

I don't appreciate companies trying to hide their suppliers to make you pay premium on something they get dirt cheap. The official replacement charger did come with the direct-to-battery pigtail though.

Generic 50eur charger with male barrel connector, and BH Singatron 3-pin connector after that (plus direct-to-battery pigtail):

All BH Evo 2015 36V Singatron connectors:
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I got the above parts from Farnell, and I can confirm that the connectors are the same as on my ~2015 BH EV765 bike. They're even made by Singatron just like the originals even though the Farnell site says Multicomp-PRO. Total cost with shipping was around 30 eur.

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