Evelo website comparison error(s)


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About a month ago I was perusing the Evelo website and looked at the comparison between one of their bikes and the Faraday Porteur, an e-bike I've been looking at but haven't yet purchased.

Evelo listed the Faraday weight at 50 pounds. I emailed them, describing the error. They were quick to acknowledge the error and said they would fix it.

Today I went back to their website and noted TWO errors, with the Faraday price incorrectly shown. Perhaps they priced it with the optional front rack, but it is more than the $300 difference. Perhaps they priced it with the optional rear rack, that that is less than the $300 difference.

The Faraday weight is still inaccurate, unless they are including the optional rack(s).

You know, I like the Evelo concept and that the distribution warehouse is near were I live. But I can't wrap my head around how they would either be dishonest in their comparisons, or incompetent in their research and web updating.

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Hi Prof_Stack,

Thanks for your comment and pointing out that we have been a little bit slower than we should be in getting around to some changes that needed to be made to details on our website.

I've gone ahead and updated that page, as you are totally correct about those details. I'm not sure if the original thought on the weight was to include the racks on the Faraday, but I've changed it to the base bike sold (which is minus the front and back racks).

We've written comparisons of the EVELO bike model to 50 other electric bikes, so I'm sure that a few items were missed or errors made. I am very sorry, however, that we didn't respond in a timely fashion to your letting us know about such a mistake. We really try to do better than that!

I think when someone is deciding which electric bike is going to be the best one for their needs, there are a lot of things to consider, and price and weight are certainly amongst those, so thank you again for following up with this. I do hope that you'll forgive our lapse here, though, and not take the EVELO totally out of your short list for a possible purchase!

All the best,

Frances Krug
EVELO Electric Bikes