ET.Cycle T1000 first impressions


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I've had some time on my T1000 and, other than a couple smaller "issues", really like this thing. It's got plenty of power and torque and has handled everything I've thrown at it so far in the way of trails and hills. Great on roads though varying soft surfaces will give this bike, as equipped, some potential problems. Which leads me to one of my disappointments; The tires are what I would describe as "street" tires, and it appears from other discussions that a more aggressive 26 x 4 will not fit this frame, so I'm left with very few and relatively expensive 3.8 options. Not the worst scenario, but riding on soft, loose, wet or snowy surfaces could get dangerous. The second issue I have is that the thumb throttle is "all or nothing", meaning that there is no ability the gradually increase the power to the motor. Every other ebike I've ridden, which is admittedly few, has had a graduating throttle, be it a thumb or twist throttle. The service tech I spoke with from ET.Cycle suggested I use short bursts on the throttle as a means of going slow when needed. Those two things are something I'll work on changing if I can find an acceptable replacement and modification, respectively.
All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with this bike so far, especially at the price point. I actually bought a Magnum Scout first but returned it as it didn't have much ability on anything but flat or smooth terrain. I also tried a QuietKat Ranger but was extremely unimpressed, especially for the price.