Error 640, Internal battery pack

My Bosch Intuvia display had an error message, "Error 640" which means Internal battery pack error. Restart the system. If the problem persists, contact your Bosch eBike dealer.

SPECS: 2017 Gepida Alboin with 12,650 kilometers
Motor: BOSCH Performance Line
Battery: BOSCH 500w PowerPack

Edit/update: The batter is fubar. The battery kept switching off, and it would no longer take a charge without turning itself off. The shop ran a complete diagnosis and said it was 99% certain the battery is kaput.

Ordered a new one, takes over two weeks for delivery. Cost is €619 in Italy with VAT and free shipping.
A word of warning. A reputable bike shop in Germany had their website cloned by scammers. The fake website lists batteries and other products for much less than market value, but they keep the money with no delivery. I narrowly avoided this trap. Called the real shop, using a phone number from outside of the scammer's website, and they described the issue.

Last note, recycling these large batteries is critical. I have not been able to get information on whether the local recycling center accepts these or not. Hope this doesn't become an issue.
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