Error 05 :(


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Hi fellow e-riders.

I came to a weir issue with my neo cross. here is the chronology of what happened (in case it is helping diagnose)
1. I change my back tyre so had to remove and put back the rear wheel. taking care of cables and things.
2. my bike worked well after that
3. I added a new rack with toddler seat on it (shouldn't be related but... who knows)
4. My bike started to have some hiccups when the display light was on!!!starting to be scary.
5. the hiccups started 1-2d after to become more regular and finally always,
6. I managed to get home safe using the throttle gently to not ask too much.
7. I then tried again the next day and then error 5 is on whether I use the throttle or the pedals and the motor is not starting :(

I tried to unplug and re plug the motor connector, no luck.

from the manual, error 5 is vague = either the motor , motor sensor or controller.
Motor sensor error - 05 - Check that the connection between the motor and the controller is correct. If the sensor inside the motor is broken, replace the sensor or motor with a new one. Check that the connection between the motor cable and the controller is correct. If not, replace the controller

anyone can help me identify the issue?
any actions I should take?

thanks a lot in advance
Check all connections for all the plugs to motor, controller, sensor, unplug then replug them in. Whatever you unplugged to remove your back tire, check those first.
Hi Jazz, thanks a lot.

thankfully I have a second emotion that allows me to swap things. so I have tried the following:
1. plugged the other motor to my controller = Other motor is powered well when using the throttle
2. plugged my motor on the other bike (controller) = my motor powered well when using the torque sensor (no throttle on this one)

so it seems that both my motor and controller/battery is working well bit the 2 plugged together are not working.
I verified as well that the speed is well displayed when the rear wheel is turning which proves that the connection in not too bad.

I feel like I am in a dead end :( any idea from you guys?