End of an era - Daimler to stop developing combustion engines

Ravi Kempaiah

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This September marks a historic milestone in the history of automobiles.

Daimler developed the first internal combustion engine (ICE) (Thanks to Karl Friedrich Benz) for cars and for a long time they held a leading position in making high-quality gasoline-powered automobiles.
This month they announced that they will stop further development of petrol and diesel engines and focus on EVs.
What it means is: the current platform will be the last when it comes to pure ICE vehicles and will be in production but moving forward all of their vehicle development efforts will be towards hybrid or electric.

Some press articles on this topic:

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Late for D. Tesla is waaaay ahead of everyone else.

One and the only reason is that the owners of the german group or gruppo are Middle Eastern Kings and Quenns and the economy had itself changed completely due to solar/wind/lithium.

Congrats to them for adjusting in time.
In 1971 I had a Steyr-Daimler Puch Inter 10 Classic Bicycle. Simple the best bike I ever owned. Was this a part of the same company/group?
In 1971 I had a Steyr-Daimler Puch Inter 10 Classic Bicycle. Simple the best bike I ever owned. Was this a part of the same company/group?
For other members who may also be curious :

It’s an work of art. 5 speed cassette. Wow. Now they have 12 cog cassette.
12 cog cassette.
Still amazed by the 21sp bikes. The first one I bought made me laugh. Minimalist that I am, my latest build is a step through single speed with a 36v MAC. No hills to deal with no reason for complexity. Simple 12 magnet PAS. 42Tx20T. And maybe, max 20mph. Lots of torque with a MAC 10. KISS. All my 25+mph motors have been sold. No hydraulics, just solid bicycle cable brakes. My new folder is a BBS01 250W. Lived fast for the first 68 years. I like to smell life as a retired fella.
Thank you for the shared wisdom Thomas.
I caught the era of downtube shifters and 21speeds also , although only for a few years. Those bikes were made to last lifetimes.

Q In your opinion is the Mac the best hub motor ? I know Crystallite also makes quality hub motors.
I’m looking to change the DAPU 48v 500watts gear hub motor to a 750watts or 1kw.
Many hills and stop/go traffic here.
MAC is a gear drive, eZee is a step above and a nice plug and play system from Grin. MAC a better price point and strong competition. Crystalyte is a beastly direct drive. More than I wanted to mess with. A 1000W Mxus was as powerful of a direct drive that I’ve run. Very capable, decent torque and now detuned as my beater. 25mph all day. (Crystalyte sells the sweetest rack packs ever) Take a hard look at eBikes.ca. Stellar gear and support.
PR stunt. No different than Ford saying it's getting out of building cars. They all make these seemingly 'permanent' announcements. Ford killed off its Ranger model years ago, and yet now it's back. The auto industry is a fickle child. Remember when they were going to kill off gas guzzlers, like SUVS and pick ups, and a barrel of oil was supposed to go to $200, and now they are both the best selling vehicle types in the US. Now many want to kill off their small sedan line ups. When and if oil goes back above $100/bl, and gas averages above $5/gallon, they'll be back into the small car thing again like flies on cow manure. I would not place much hope or credence in any of these car company pronouncements.