EMTB Day at Motostrano

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(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

We are kicking off June with an all EMTB Day at Motostrano in Redwood City.


Visit Motostrano all day for the EbikeTreks EMTB Day and see eMTB test rides, mini-tours, talks and demonstrations on the best eMTBs in the business. Find out what is coming out in 2017, 2018 and beyond in the eMTB arena, from experts that know, learn about riding areas, regulations, up-coming race events and preview some of the latest technology from Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano and Brose.

• Learn all abou Bosch's soon-to-be-released EMTB Mode for Bosch systems. Also, learn about the new Shimano mid-drive EMTB motor and the new SRAM EX1 drive kit or the new DT SWISS Hybrid ebike wheels!

• What is the ePerformance and "UpHillFlow" movement all about? How is the bike industry changing to make room for bikes with mid-drive motors? What does the recent changes mean for people with hub-motor ebikes with throttles?

• Meet other eMTB riders just like you and hear about their trail stories, races and tech set-ups. Bring your own ebike and show it off!

• Test ride the latest bikes from Haibike, Cube, Moustache, Fantic, iZIP, KTM, BH, Cannondale, Corratec and Felt. We'll ride around and from the Motostrano store and find some dirt trails to explore...

• We'll break out the BBQ for this one, so bring some hunger and your helmet and let's ride and learn about some eMTBs.

• Reps from various manufacturers will be with us including Bosch and others.

Then, the next day, come to our eMTB ride at Fort Ord!