Electric cycle pump for Ebike available in UK?


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So, I've just got my first puncture on my Delite and had to push the bike 3 miles back to work. I need an ELECTRIC cycle pump, so I can inflate the tyre at the roadside after fitting a new inner tube.
Are there any electrically powered cycle pumps that can be charged from the bikes built-in battery? It would be nice if it had a built-in light in case I had to change the tyre in the dark. A plus would be a USB port so that it could act as a general power source for charging a smart phone.
I have a small portable pump, but this does not have enough capacity to pump up a large ebike tyre to 50 psi or so. I want a good quality pump that I can get spares for if needed. And UK availability would be great. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks.
I am sorry I cannot help you with an electric pump, I just carry a CO2 inflator and two spare cartridges. Depending on the size of cartridge it should be inflated in 3 seconds.

I got mine from Amazon uk here topeak inflator I just have a supply of 16g cartridges but for a large tyre you could use two or buy 25g.
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This manual pump will easily move enough air to inflate a 27.5x2.5 tire:

Some people like the fumpa: