Electric bike ride across America

It would be interesting to discuss the pros and cons of a long long bike trip with bikes and ebikes. I can see definite advantages for hilly rides or spring winds....Or if someone in your group is a weaker rider...

A rider in generally good shape can ride 50 miles a day even under hilly and windy conditions.. The rest of the time 70-80+ miles is very doable... Even at only 14 mph, that's less than 6 hours riding a day.
We were thinking 150 miles a day at 20-30 mph, so riding 5 hours a day (that's with an ebike). Maybe that's a bit too optimistic? We are definitely weak weak riders. All soft and mushy from years of being stuck at home with toddlers. ALSO we just drove 25,000 miles across South/Central/North America. Looking forward to getting lean and mean WHILE we ride. First two weeks will be a bit rough no doubt! But if we have anything it's determination.
Exactly. Don't know if you're going with a chase vehicle, or strictly biking on your own... To me, life on the road with a bicycle is a whole lot less complicated than with an ebike. And you will whip yourself into shape.

IF you're going for triple digit miles on an ebike, every bike will need a charger and an extra battery.. Then you may need a long lunch every day to recharge.

The problem with ebikes on the open road is that if something goes wrong you may not have the parts to keep you going, and a local bike shop won't either... And pedaling a dead ebike is a complete pain in the you know what.
I just did a two and on half day tour of 375 miles in distance. I used two 48 volt 15 amp hour batteries in my Wattwagon. Range of around 70 plus miles. Start with a full charge, recharge once during the day will get you 120 to 160 miles. I used pedal assist (not breaking a sweat) and averaged at least 20 MPH. I usually stop a few times a day so I plugged in whenever I could. I brought a charger for each battery. Now if I had two 48 volt 20 amp hour batteries the range would go up, but it seems to me doing much more than 150 miles per day wouldn't be so much fun! Also my chargers are 3 amp units. If I bumped them up to 5 amp models charge times would decrease significantly. (a total of 10 amps of charging vs. 6 amps of charging.
I found most places were more than willing to let you plug in once you explain what your are doing. I even tell them about how much energy I will be using and offer to pay them. Usually they decline any payment.