Electric Bike Range Simulator Tool


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Walyalup, Western Australia
I just came across this electric bike range simulator. It is based on Google maps so a little clunky in terms of routing but I liked how you can add variables such as headwinds along with rider and bike parameters. It then computes you time etc (see image).


Looks like a handy resource.

Wow Andrew! That's a really neat tool. I love how customized it can get. You just enter your location and then the exact motor specs like size and type and it helps determine (or estimate) what kind of distance your electric bike will go... I love stuff like this!

how-does-it-work.jpg electric-bike-distance-calculator.jpg enter-trip-distance.jpg enter-motor-type.jpg

I wanted to test it out so I entered all of my information and the specs for the PBJ ebike kit that I reviewed yesterday (small 250 watt geared motor with 24v 5ah Lithium battery pack).

my-route.jpg my-electric-bike-parameters.jpg my-trip-distance-results.jpg

It took a little while to convert my weight and everything to metric (thank goodness for Google conversion tools) and to figure out that you have to put in a start and end location in order to run it. It estimates that I'd only use 9% of my battery pack for a 13.5 mile ride which seems way off... Maybe I'm doing something wrong :(
Others are reporting it is pretty accurate when compared against their own "real world" rides so I think it "might" give a reasonable indication. There is another one, called the Electric Bike Simulator that you could check out.

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