EG Zurich or ????


Hi, all:

I have an e-Joe Epik coming my way but it now occurs to me that my girlfriend will want to use it 50% of the time or more and I'd better get a 2nd ebike to keep us all happy and zipping along.

For this ebike, my only requirements are that it come in a step through design and that it has both pedal assist and throttle only modes and that its power equals or surpasses the Epik's (350). And that it cost in the 1.5k range. And that it does 9 or better in Court's estimation. Or maybe 8.5, all depending.

From constant reading and rereading of posts and reviews here, it seems to me the logical choice would be the EG Zurich, at $1699, but I'd also like to get some other contenders on my short list. Any suggestions?

(I'd looked at the iGo Metro but it seems to me, and i could be wrong, that it has no throttle only mode. I suffer from a kind of MS disease and it sometimes happens that I can't peddle at all, so I need a throttle.)

Thanks for any help you can dish out!
Some of these might be above the indicated price range but they are much nicer than EG.
Izip Zuma or Izip Path Plus.
Easy Motion EVO Street.
Easy Motion NEO Jet. 2014 models can be had for less.
Stromer ST1, Elite 17" model
I agree, they would be much nicer than the EG. But, man, are they expensive. For instance, I spoke to your shop yesterday about the Zuma and got a price that, once you add back in the cost of shipping, comes out to be right around retail. Ouch. So, that does kind of limit my choices or at least limit how I want to deploy my hard-earned bucks. Then again, the "might be above the indicated price range" line in your response suggests that maybe one of those bikes in your list could be had for within my indicated price range. If so, I am all ears and ready to open my wallet :)! I mean, hey, if you'd like to sell me a Stromer Elite for $2,200, or any of the other bikes for a similar % discount, sign me up and take my money, please!
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I was just reading Court's review of the 8Fun mid drive motor. Do you have a bike you could adapt?
I actually don't have a bike I could adapt. Plus, I'd much rather buy one ready to go. But thanks anyway for your suggestions; they're good ones!
Steve: I'm hoping so. Maybe Lenny will step forward? Meanwhile, is there a PM function here? if so, I can't find it, but I wanted to ask you a question better asked via PM ;-).
@flipper you may want to take a look at Prodeco Tech's Stride; its low step, throttle only and about $1500 with a 500w hub motor and 36V12ah Lithium battery pack. You can get your local LBS to install the aftermarket pedal assist kit if necessary (approx $160). Just another option and it has a pretty cool adjustable stem/handlebar setup.

Check out Court's review of the Stride 500; note however, that the version he looked at had the smaller 9ah battery which is no longer available, only the larger 12ah comes on the 2015 Stride. Great that you both are gonna ride!