Ebike conversion kit for a small-frame bike (Trek 7200 15in)?


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I want to convert a small frame bike (Trek 7200 15in) into an electric one. It's actually my wife's bike that carries around a trailer bike for kid, which has one wheel and connects to seat post. So, I cannot use a kit having battery on rear rack, which does not have a clear enough space for the trailer bike.

I want at least 350W power and lithium ion battery.

I thought about Bionx S350DL, which has battery on down post. However, the battery seems to be too big for the frame. Is it possible to install the battery of Bionx S350RL (rear rack version) vertically on the side of rake, as found in some low-end ebikes?

Or, can anyone suggest conversion kit that will fit the 15in frame bike? Other DIY idea?

I attached Trek 7200 spec.


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