E3 Vibe with Lead Acid or $300 extra for Lithium


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I am going to make my first electric bike purchase. A dealer is selling a last batch of E3 Vibes with SLA batteries for $800. He will sell it with a "lithium Phosphate " battery for $1100. Can anyone tell me if the better battery is worth $300?

I am buying a pair of the bikes for my wife and myself. The terrain is in Florida... flat except for the Mantanzas (Fort Myers Beach) bridge. I weigh 160 and my wife is at 102. I think there is a 10lb difference between the two batteries. The Lithium mounts flat on the rear carrier. The SLA hangs to one side in a rear bag. The Lithium has a 1 year guarantee. The SLA has a 3 month guarantee.

Another option is to purchase a 2nd SLA ($130) for each bike to double the range. That adds a lot of weight.

My budget is very tight, but I have the electric bike itch. What better way to see some of Florida when the streets are packed with traffic.

It is a 24v 250W system.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Hi @telcoguy , actually, the Lithium battery is the same shape as the SLA pack and neatly fits into the same side mount rack same as the heavier lead acid unit. Good bike when you don't have too many hills and it's a very comfortable riding design. The Li Ion battery is definitely 10lbs lighter than the SLA pack, you almost don't know that its there. Yes, that battery is worth more; however, try to negotiate with the dealer for a better price for a pair. Look on Currietech.com to see the specs and pricing for MSRP on the lead acid powered bikes and determine what's a realistic price per unit.