E Prodigy Magic Pro

Jerry LM

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Has anyone on here have one to these bikes? I can find very little info on the web about them other than the review Court did and it didn't include much riding, kind of short. Can this bike be unlocked to go past 20 mph? doesn't even give the top speed on their site.
I used to have an IGO URBAN which is the same as the Evelo Aurora and it was not in the same league as the Magic Pro. The top speed figures are not published because anything over 20mph is not street legal so the company does not want itself open to liability. I had the chance to test the Magic Pro today in an offroad area that had smooth pavement and got my 212 pounds up to 28mph with just light pedalling. I was still accelerating but ran out of pavement. A friend of mine who weighs 180 claims to have done 45mph which is the max speed this bike can be set for. I intend to buy this as my next e-bike. The extra cost of the Nuvinci and Gates belt drive I calculate will be offset in 3 years of reduced maintenance costs. I won't need new chain and sprockets every year like on the standard model. ps. I ride 10,000 miles per year so my maintenance costs are high.