Does it exist..??? A fat-tire bike (generally for sandy, or snowy roads) with the power of a serious e-MTB (apt for steep hills, off-roads) ..??


Hi all,

I might be searching for a bike that doesn't exist (yet)...

I am looking for a fat-tire e-bike, because of the comfy ride due to the size and pressure of the tires, with the high capacity strength of an e-MTB..., one which can triumph the steep hills of Barcelona.

The bike should have a serious torque (+85Nm) besides (very) strong general motor power (+1000W).

Do you know of any fat-tire e-bikes with such characteristics?

Many thanks for your replies, much appreciated!

Abrazo, Louis
A good e-MTB produces 80 (Yamaha/Giant), 85 (Bosch or Shimano motors) or 90 Nm (Specialized/Brose) at European legal nominal power of 250 W. Peak power for, say Specialized Turbo Levo is 550 W with 250 W nominal. e-MTBs are equipped with proper gearing and are relatively lightweight. There is no hill such e-MTB cannot conquer.

You ask for a fat bike. That increases the bike weight and makes in hard to manoeuvre. You ask for 1000 W, meaning a heavy motor and very heavy battery. By your demands, you defeat the whole purpose of e-MTB that has to possibly lightweight, agile, manoeuvrable, and a perfect climber.

e-MTB can be equipped with full suspension (front/rear) and is equipped with thick 2.2-2.6" tyres. Why a fat bike?! The level of comfort on e-MTB is improbable. And yes, tubeless setup allows riding the e-MTB at very low inflation pressure.

Have ever you demo ridden an e-MTB Louis?
Wattwagons Hydra offers a FAT tire configuration and power up to 2300W and over 200Nm or torque :)

Very active forum here, go visit :)

And thats before you put the motor on. They're different animals. I have both.

A Salsa Bucksaw will happily take a BBSHD. Particularly the older alloy frames.