Does anyone here "name" their eBikes?

the beast. defy its name why don't you?
Survivor, the bike that got me through the pando...

Survivor Smallest.jpeg
And Seeker, the explorer, sporting the ultimate weight-weenie micro under-seat and top-tube bags, with a water bottle so tiny it is only suitable for preventing death, not other symptoms of dehydration. Shot right before a 5.5 mile 2,400 foot climb.
Seeker Crop - 1.jpeg
I have 5 batteries which are just numbered. I use them interchangeably with my 3 bikes called "Old Sparky" (from the film the Green Mile), "Thomas" (for Thomas Edison) and "Nikola" (for Nikola Tesla).
My grey Vado is "Grizzle".
My formidable Trance E+ is "Monster".
My Lovelec Diadem is "Lowelek" (a Polish pun on the brand name; it is how little kids pronounce "rowerek", or a kid bicycle)
My future Vado SL would be "Arnold".

I asked friends what the best name for an SL e-bike would be. We had started with SyLvester StaLlone. "Rambo"? Not. "Sly"? Good! but I didn't like the name. Suddenly, a friend wrote "Arnold" :) I liked the name though that would be Schwarzenegger not Stallone :D
Still working on a name for the white Aventon Pace 500.
Started out last August with “Betty White” because it’s small and feisty. But then the real Betty White passed away in Dec.
So one week it was “Oreo” because it’s a sweet little bike.
Then I thought “Little Panda” it’s cute and black & white.
One week it was “White Lightning” after moonshine and how good it makes you feel.
This week it’s “Angel” because it’s a heavenly ride.
I am open to other ideas.
Guess it doesn’t really matter. These darn ebikes don’t come when they are called. 😅😊🤣

Shortly after purchase, before different seat, rear rack, & Kinekt seat post.