Do you need a license in nj

You do not need any special driver's license endorsement, but here is a link to NJ ebike classification and registration laws:

thanks for the info. just wondering if you read it? have you ever seen anything so convoluted in your life? the law is written so it can't be followed. stupid NJ. idiots can't even write clearly defined laws. once i go for the bike, i'll ask the sales people what they think. i feel bad for the girl that's gotten 9 tickets so far. somewhere there's gotta be a class action lawsuit in there.
I did read through it, but lots of blabber there. ;) The problem is that the towns can enact their own laws which usurp state law, so depending on where you are, you may be in violation or not. I have a feeling the girl who got nine tickets was on someone's watch list. Eventually, when ebikes become more widely accepted, the laws will have to be standardized, but right now it's a fiasco, and not just in NJ.
is that bike in your photo your bike ? how do you like it ? i don't have a clue which direction i'm gonna go yet. it's for my wife actually but i'll use it almost as much as her i'm sure.
Yes, that's an Evelo Aurora that I bought almost two years ago. It's a solid, well-made bike and the company has been excellent. (Disclaimer: I am an Evelo Ambassador :))