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CycleDroid is an app for Android smartphones. It's a free app, has been ad free to date, the developers do accept donations.

The above link and Google Play Store have far more information about the app than I can provide. I have been using CycleDroid all summer and I really like it. I tried Map My Ride and looked at Strava many times, all three collect an amazing array of stats and can help the ebike rider better understand what they and their bike are able to accomplish.

CycleDroid does not automatically upload to any public access. It does not award the user of accolades like KOM (King Of Mountain) and there is no need to go online to add your ride was a ebike ride. In that regard it does not allow people to follow you either. You are able to turn on auto uploading to your Facebook page and that can allow your friends to follow your rides.

All in all a very good app.
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I don't know, as my Samsung Galaxy S7 Active does so I haven't the need. You should check the app on Play Store. It's a FREE download.

Does it do heart rate monitoring?
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