Crosscurrent (original) for $980.33 on Amazon

Ships and sold from Amazon. Can even use amazon credit special financing (0% for 12 months) if you are so inclined.
The only seller I'm seeing is one with the username "Please Contact me before buy. angie[at]". Sounds like a scam to me. If it's too good to be true...
Sold out already - the one I linked to was offered and sold by amazon so it was legitimate.

Hi, This was not a legitimate "JuicedBikes" offer. Our pricing information is the same along our dealers and webshops. This was a spurious offer made external to Juiced

Sometimes Amazon will post offers related to a company and fulfill them from a warehouse whenever any seller ships the item to them, this is a common service Amazon offers to anyone and it includes used items.

Thanks for posting and letting us know, and also a reminder that our Warranty polices are valid only for products purchased from JuicedBikes or JuicedBikes authorized dealers
No, never implied it was a Juiced Bikes offer - just that it was sold and shipped by Amazon and "By Juiced Bikes". Whomever "Juiced Bikes" is on should be taken down if they are portraying themselves as someone they are not. I had assumed that "Juiced Bikes" on amazon was legitimate. There are numerous items listed by that seller.
I've seen the Tektro Dorado brake pads sold by Juiced Bikes and fulfilled by Amazon. Sounds like this is the same place selling the Cross Current. Sounds like maybe someone lowered the price on Amazon without the proper approvals.