Creo Carbon SL Broken spoke and cracked rim


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I have about 13,000 Kilometers on my 2020 Creo and have been very happy with the bike. However, last week I had a spoke break on my rear wheel drive side, and it also turns out that the rim is cracked at the same spot.

I weigh 220 pounds, and my very experienced wheel builder friend insists that 24 spokes on a disk brake rear wheel is too few spokes for someone my weight.

So now I am trying to decide... do I

1. replace the rim with new spokes
2. replace the whole wheel with a 28 spoke wheel
3. replace the whole wheel with a 32 spoke wheel?

Any advice or opinion would be helpful.
I would say with 13 thousand k on it that wheel doesn't owe you anything but why not treat yourself to a whole new wheel, including a fresh hub? I'd go at least 28h and stick with alloy and at least i25. I like the Sapim strong spokes personally and use WTB Asym rims which I think build a stronger wheel, especially for the rear.
I have 32 on my dt swiss hub and rim and its been good triple butted spokes sapim spokes. dt swiss 350 ebike hub and dt swiss 540 rims. cost me about 650 for the pair built locally. I liek the dt swiss hubs no tools to take them apart.
I am a heavy rider to and I have gone with 28 spokes. I built a set of Newmen rims with fade hubs and the weight is under 1300g for the set. The wheels are awesome