Court ! Court! Come in Court.


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I assume that you are still on your travels through the Northeast or perhaps:
  • You were arrested while riding an ebike in NY
  • You were kidnapped by evil agents of the oil industry who see you as a threat.
  • You returned to your home planet, and you are getting the invasion force ready.
  • Someone happened upon that video of you singing that Madonna song and you are currently completing a joint project with her.
Ha! Awesome list Vern... I actually did all of those things but was able to bust out of jail in NYC with help from @Chris Nolte then persuade the under cover agents that I'm actually a double agent before getting my alien friends to take them out quietly... which has delayed our invasion for the foreseeable future. Madonna is still mixing the track but it should be out soon... Until then, here's my rough cut.

I'm slowly catching up, trying to post reviews every day or two and catch up with the forum. Thanks for spotting that spammer the other day! I banned them, blacklisted the IP and deleted the post. Hope you've all been well! Was so fun out there and thankfully no crashes, tickets or other issues with sleeping in my car. Stealth mode baby! Just how I like my ebikes ;)