Countries proposing ebike rules / registration

I was going to try to register an ebike to see what happened. My initial road block was insurance, but apparently Veloinsurance can offer what's necessary to register. I never felt inclined to move forward, but I have often considered it. I think it would be possible in some states. I'm certainly not advocating for it though.
I feel the same way ... I think the only way to avoid this is to ride respectfully around others .....

Cheers ... B.
Really great inight from Switzerland. That's definitely a perspective I haven't though too much about. I have been thinking that I would like some regulation though. Right now it's a bit like the Wild West here and I don't think that's the conditions which will get large numbers on the bikes. We'll continue to see early adopters, but we really need clearly defined laws so there is less ambiguity in what is and isn't an ebike.

Maybe I'm speaking mostly in NY, but I think this sort of thing exsists through out the US. NY is just an example of what could happen if we don't have clearly defined laws.
JayVee .... In Switzerland, you need to pay for registration & plates for Speed Pedelecs but that includes liability insurance.

I am curious ... what would one pay for the registration, plates and insurance for a year ?

appreciate any insight, tks, B