Could use some help please?


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Hi All, new here and looking at 3 bikes (CrossCurrent, Voltbike Yukon, and Radrover). So I could use some help. I am 6'1" and 170lbs, and I will be using this bike for exercise, e.g. around the neighborhood and light trail, no commuting. My budget is $1500-$1800, excluding shipping. I've had 2 herniated discs and 4 back surgeries and really need to get out and exercise more, so that's my main focus.
Any opinions of any of these bikes? Any size issues out of the three? Other bikes I should be looking at? I will post this elsewhere on the forum too (hope its allowed), as I can use all of the help I can get.
With your back problems, do you see yourself being able to change a flat tire?

1. Yes, even a difficult one
2. Yes, if it is simple
3. No way!

If you answer 1 or 3, then any bike will do... if you answer 2, that will impact your choices.
How much do you like fat tires? Maybe the lightest bike if it could impact your back hauling it around a bunch?
Find one that makes your back happy.. Factory setup may need to be upgraded depending on the bike you pick. The RadRover looks like the most upright ride to me. If you can at all give them a test ride. Best way to get a feel for them. Much luck in your pursuit.