Converting Haibike from Tranzx to ....


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Ok, without going into details Haibike and Tranzx refuse to support the Urban Plus. Tranzx has zero representation in the US and Haibike has turned everything over to Diamondback who feels no responsibility to support the bike.

The M25 GTS motor is a through motor pedal unit and the one-way clutch for the crank (pedals) is failing. I am a decent size guy and put out a fair amount of torque and it is jumping pretty regularly now. As it is a factory class 3 I need to pedal some to get the bike to work.

I am thinking about swapping out the Tranzx M25GTS motor with a Bafang unit. I know it will take some work, especially in the bracket department. The current bike has a Cobi unit with a nice headlight and taillight. It also has a 48V downtube integrated battery.

I am not looking for a speed demon. I am looking for simlar or slightly better performance than the 500W rated M25 GTS motor that is reliable!

I would like to keep my current battery to mitigate costs and Cobi connectivity to keep the headlight and taillight, keeping the headlight and taillight are not as important as keeping the battery.

Any recommendations as to which Bafang (or other unit) mid-drive unit and what the costs would be for that unit and where?

I think there is a real market in swap units. Especially given the lack of support from some of the bike manufacturers.
That is the idea I was going for! I know I am going to have to bracket up some stuff to get it done. I was thinking the M600 would be a good idea on this one, given the space the tranzx motor comprises.

I wonder where I can get the M600? Its not in Luna's catalog