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Hi Court (excellent site & resource dude!) and all!

Just tried a my first e-bike - a Kalkhoff Intergrale S10 Pedelic. Awesome!

I'm about to get rid of my car completely and still need some form of reasonably quick transport; main reason as I'm volunteer emergency services and need to be within 5 mins of station over one & 1/2 miles away in all weathers and 24/7/365. I like the pedal assist and the integrated approach and I'm really keen on the speed capability of the pedelic.

Other than that, I'll use the bike for general about town riding 2-7 miles 3 or 4 days a week.

I REALLY like the look of the Specialized Turbo X though too, based on the review on this site (I already own a Specialized urban and it's taken me across France with all my camping gear twice). In the price range of these two bikes (about £3000), for someone who wants the speed, the cool factor and an e-bike that doesn't look like an e-bike, what;s my best option?

I'm based in the UK, travel to the states regularly so could purchase here or there but I'd want a dealer network locally for service etc.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Cool that you got to try out a Kalkhoff. That S10 is probably not sold in the US. I seem to recall just seeing the Integrale 8 and S11 on their US site. Was it a belt drive bike or chain? Any other thoughts on what you liked about it? After my experience with my regular bike (Spot Champa) I'm really a fan of the belt drive - hence having the Integrale S11 at the top of my list. I hope Court has some video reviews out soon on the Integrale 8 and S11.