Connection issues with Ribble Mahle X35 with Garmin Edge Remote


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United Kingdom
I have a Ribble SLe and having issues trying to connect the Garmin Edge remote for power assist to the Mahle X35. My bike was delivered in June 2022 so I assume it has the ANT+ However I just want to check if I need to download any apps to get the bike to connect with the remote.
I am confused as to which Apps to download, I already have the Mahle "MySmartBike" but there is nothing in the app where you can add a sensor etc. Also do I need the Edge 1030? to assist with the connection.
I have downloaded the Garmin ConnectIQ Ebike Field but I assume it has to be connected to an Edge 1030 first.
I thought the instructions for the Remote were fairly straightforward but I have been riding around with the bike switched on and have kept pressing the connection buttons on the Remote but getting nowhere.
I just want to make sure I am doing things in the right order with the right apps and equipment etc
I am not that technical when it comes to ANT+'s and the rest!! but would just like a bit of basic advice.
Hope someone can help, I have read a lot of the discussions and threads but still a bit confused....sorry
According to this older thread, the Connect IQ ebike field app may be the root of your problem. Assuming that you have the bike and 1030 paired, try uninstalling the app and connecting the bike via setting -> sensors.