Como Handlebars on Vado 5.0


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Looks sweet, can't wait to ride tomorrow!

Como Handlebars on Vado.jpg
It is quite interesting how many Danes ride Dutch "omafiets" (granny bikes). The second most popular brand is Raleigh there. Amazing country. Good I don't live there :)

Copenhagen. First four women ride the Dutch "omafiets".


Poles perceive themselves a young, bike-enthusiast nation and swept-back handlebars are hard to be found here.
I do find the combination of the higher position and the swept bar of my wife’s Kalkhoff Groove to be super comfy for short rides. It’s a bit more sit up n beg riding position and excellent for city riding. I’ve not tried it for considerable distance, a step through Dutch style bike isn’t my style lol!
I never get pins n needles in my hands on her bike, but I do find the steering less precise when turning compared to my flat bar
When putting Como bars on a Vado do all the brake and shifter lines reach, or do they have to be replaced?
It looks like you have a horn button on your handle bars. Is that a horn? Did you add it and what kind is it? Do tell.
Tied the 2 wires to the front headlight.
I had a doohickey mount for the handlebar to hang it, you can improvise with the ton of stuff available as to where you want to hang it from.