Commuter Bike for A Small Woman


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Hi. I'm thinking about getting my first e-bike for commuting to work a few days a week. It seems like the more I research, the less I know. Help!

I'm average height (5'7") but weigh practically nothing so I'm concerned that a heavy bike would tip me over at a stop sign or something. So something lightweight is probably a good idea.

I plan to ride about 7 miles each way to work and it's quite hilly with stop signs in the middle of the hills. I currently can't ride my regular bike that far and I have to walk up those hills after I hit the first stop sign - just can't get going again. I'm not sure if an e-bike is enough to help with that.

I'm a little concerned about theft - I work at a courthouse and I don't know if that makes it more or less likely... I like the idea of accessories like lights being either removable or integrated as well as any displays. Any recommendations on whether to get a bike with them integrated or just buy stuff separate that I can take with me when I lock up at work?
The Trek XM700+ low-step is light at 46.5lb, provides pedal assist up to 28mph, it uses the Bosch Performance Line motor that combines both pedal cadence and torque sensors for smooth power delivery and is mounted low and central on the bottom bracket with the battery on the down tube so the balance of weight distribution is good. The hydraulic disc brakes and front mono-shock suspension are helpful riding at speed and a safety update is coming for the Bosch Performance Line motor with the Intuvia display in the form of ABS for the front brake and rear wheel lift control. The front light is powered off the ebike's battery and bolted to the bike. Here's Court's review

The Juiced Cross Current step through is heavier at 48.5lb or 52lb depending on if you go by the manufacturer specs or Court's review, it uses a geared rear hub motor and a torque sensor for pedal assist up to 28mph and the battery is mounted on the down tube for good balance of weight distribution. It has a front suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes. Juiced has fewer dealers than Trek but still nationwide. You would need to add fenders, lights, and a bike computer if you wanted to see how fast you're going, but it is half the cost of the Trek. Here's Court's review.

Neither ebike comes with a throttle so if that's what you were looking for to help start from the stop signs up hill the Juiced Cross Current has a $99 throttle option that works up to 20mph. While it doesn't have a throttle option the Trek XM700+ has a mid-drive motor so will climb hills better. On both ebikes it would help to change down gear before you come to a stop facing up hill.

Regarding security both ebikes have a battery that locks to the frame or you can remove the battery and take it with you. The Trek has quick release wheels front and back, while the Juiced has a quick release front wheel. I'd recommend a strong lock like an ABUS Granit folding lock or Kryptonite New York U-lock and a chain.
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<<quite hilly with stop signs in the middle of the hills>>

Hub drive with a throttle. Far easier to get going and across a street quickly, then ride as usual with the pedal assist helping as you desire. I'd say a Pedego City Commuter, but they're heavy (and top heavy as well, since the battery is on the rear rack)... very strong throttle. That Cross Current mentioned above with a throttle might be a good idea. A lot lighter than the Pedego.

You can certainly get going on an XM700 - I own and love one - by making sure you are in a low gear and kicking up the assist to Sport, but the throttle jobs are really simple and great for that purpose.