Coming to America: Testing the F-wheel A5 electric bike


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Silicon Valley

The F-wheel A5 electric bike has all the hallmarks of an e-bike common to eastern Asia. It sports small wheels, a small frame, a giant battery, seating for adults and kids, and is easy to maneuver in and store tight spaces. And while you’re likely to see tons of these types of e-bikes zipping around just about any city in China, it’s a fairly out-of-the-ordinary e-bike in the US. But since F-wheel just launched sales of the bike to the US (and with free shipping, no less!), I figured this was a great time to give the bike a real test. To see the F-wheel A5 e-bike in action, watch my video review below. Then keep reading for all my musings on this electric bike.

F-wheel A5 video review